Founder, Owner

BARRE-FLIES has been a dream in the making for 17 years! Diane is a transplant from the Bay Area and has lived in Granite Bay for 15 years with her husband and two children… Throughout her life, she has been devoted to health and fitness and brings a mixed bag of exercise techniques to her studio. Her creative soul finds inspiration through her upbringing. She began practicing yoga by her parents’ side in her youth. Her father had her competing against the neighborhood boys and their fathers in running, push-up, and pull-up competitions, taking them all by surprise. Physicality and Diane are DEAR friends. She started weight training at the tender age of nine in the garage with her older brothers; it was as comfortable to her as breathing. Ballet and Pilates came into her life in her twenties, adding balance, grace, and patience to her skill set. This gave her the elongated muscles she had coveted for years.

Diane’s quest for wellness continues to engulf her life…daily. She is in search of constant balance: mentally, spiritually, and physically. She hopes to bring ALL of those elements to her studio. Her passion has led her to the birth of BARRE-FLIES. Her desire is to share and grow together with the community she calls home. She has been trained in the American College of Sports Medicine group exercise, Ballet Barre Work and Stott Pilates. She also has had extensive anatomy training with Orthopedic surgeons and rehabilitation centres while working in Orthopedic sales. Diane holds a B.A. in Speech Communications from San Francisco State University. She has 25 years of training and teaching experience and a continued passion and thirst for more growth.

BARRE-FLIES has a hip edge not found at franchise locations. Come see me at the BARRE...

Barre-flie buzz

Love going to BARRE-FLIES! Classes and instructors are great, lovely atmosphere and even great little boutique! Love that is close, plenty of parking and leave feeling like I got a great workout!

Deanne R. - Granite Bay, CA

Barre-Flies gets results. Owner/Instructor Diane Holland is proof of the effectiveness of her creative techniques. Classes always include a healthy dose of energy, encouragement, and a sharp sense of humor.

John B. - Lincoln, CA

This is the very best studio - Diane the owner is fantastic and the other students are friendly and fun. I attend with my daughter and she said its likes "Cheers" - a place where everybody knows your name. Best time ever exercising!

Cindy H. - Granite Bay, CA

Diane, I love your class!! I had a C-section 26 years ago and I have not been able to strengthen my lower abs since. Now, at 50 years old, my lower abs are the strongest they have ever been!! You are reshaping my body.”

Susan W. – Granite Bay, CA

Barre Flies is a complete mind and body workout! I started going with the hopes of toning my body, but what I've gotten out of the classes superseded any expectations I had... Barre Flies has become such an important part of my life. It is the place I go to feel stronger, both physically and mentally. The staff is knowledgeable, helpful, encouraging, entertaining.. they feel like family. Diane has created not only a workout studio, but she has enhanced our community by offering a place where women can connect with themselves and one another. Her strength based approach and always changing 'barre menu' motivates me to challenge myself each and every class to do more and better, and the results are amazing!!! For the first time in my life, I have longer and leaner muscles!!!! I never could have imagined finding a workout studio where I would have so much fun exercising. Each instructor and class offers something different, and after going for a year, I can honestly say I've never done the same workout twice! Diane has given our community a true gift in herself and Barre Flies, and she has taught all of us how to give ourselves the gift of a healthy us! Diane, my family thanks you, my friends thank you, and I thank you for helping me redesign my body, mind, and spirit every day!!!!!

Jennifer L. - Granite Bay, CA

You and Barre-Flies are a godsend. Do you fully realize the reach and extent of positive impact you are having on people's lives? Do you know how important this is for them/us/me? I couldn't do this without you. It feels so good to be regaining a measure of fitness. I'm so happy! Thank you for listening and giving our spines a good stretch today. I was shocked at how much easier a back bend was today than when I tried several weeks ago in your class. Although I'd not done one back bend in the intervening weeks, all the strengthening and endurance building I have been doing carried over. I must try a cartwheel soon to express my joy. May you and Barre-Flies live long and prosper.

Vonna S. – Orangevale, CA

Prior to joining Barre-Flies I was an avid runner often running thirty miles or more a week. My legs were in pain and I had fractured my Tibie. I decided to try a Barre Flies class shortly after they opened. I knew nothing about it. After my first class I realized just how weak and out of shape my body was. Unlike running, Barre-Flies is a whole body workout with no impact to my bones. I started taking two classes a week and then increasing to three days a week and now can't help but attend five to seven days a week. The class is fun and challenging. Diane is motivating and encouraging. Eleven months later I have lost twenty two pounds and have gained strength and flexibility that I have never had before. In addition to the physical changes, I have much more energy throughout the day to keep up with my four children! This is a fitness program that I wholeheartedly believe in and cannot recommend enough.

Diane - I can never thank you enough. You truly are the best!

Lauren A. - Fair Oaks, CA